Networking Solution

We assist any size of organizations, small or large to maximize the performance of their network systems. Better network means stronger connections to customers, clients, and employees resulting better profit and reduced operating costs. We use end-to-end solutions to assist customers adopt to our IT environment. Our offerings cover network strategies, optimization services, network integration, deployment service, network security and wireless solutions.


Data Center

Today's emerging technology demands are creating more data then ever. Big data explosion demands more capacitive and faster performance of data storages. Wonglai data center solutions can provide, manage, and retain those data and give them optimum performance. Combined with our backup system to ensure a full fail proof solution for your business continuity.


IT Services

We offer IT services for types of business to help choose the correct hardware that will serve their needs. We implement our services by cutting excessive costs, improve efficiency and leverage technologies to their competitive advantage. From diagnosing desktops, network, IT issues, troubleshooting to installation, Wonglai provides 24/7 standby expert support team to help any technical issues that our clients may encounter.



We deilver our customers with optimal, cost efficient and effective softwares. Whether the project is for business or individual, we can develop custom softwares or applications that you wish to build according to your requirements. We offer wide range of software development from web application, website development, mobile application to project management and analysis. We will help you improve your business flow.